Our Legal Services

Here at Hamish Fletcher Lawyers our foundation of services is wide-ranging due to the diverse nature of our remarkable staff - their skill, proficiency and experience.  We can go from the Boardroom to the Engine room, the Pack house to the Council Chambers.
Hamish Fletcher Lawyers offer a strong point of difference when it comes to costing your work.

We call it the  ‘Mutual Billing System’. This process provides each party with a collective role in ascertaining a total dollar amount for the work you require -  before we even begin.

This is how it works; at the commencement of a job we gain all necessary information for you, the client, and from this we provide a detailed work schedule factoring in estimates so that you know the likely costs up front.  We work through this schedule with you so that every outcome is taken care of and you are happy that all bases are covered.

If it looks like the work will be extended for reasons that haven’t been taken into consideration, the first thing we do is let you know beforehand.  

Keeping up communication with our clients is our first priority, not only involving the work you require us to do, but the costs associated with it.